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Simple Temporary Fencing can provide you with any type of temporary fences you may need. We deliver simple, fast and professional services to our customers anytime, anywhere. We provide only the highest quality products, the most dependable and reliable installation, and the finest knowledgeable customer service.

We have served a wide range of customers including industrial, commercial, medical, civil, private, municipal, and government contractors in the field of installing and maintaining temporary fences. If you need help with your next project or event fencing needs, give us a call via 888-625-9938 and we’ll be there to serve you.

Our Experience exceeds 20 years

When you contact us, rest assured that you’ll be working with a company that you can trust. Since 1989, our family owned and operated company has already served thousands of customers.

We are one of the biggest and highly respected fence companies in the area. We have represented industry associations in the national level, and this shows of our expertise and exposure.

In combination with our tradition of excellence, we use only the latest technologies and advances in the industry.

Our Fences and Installation Quality

Our company’s services and products are the best in the industry. We select our products from the most excellent manufacturers in the country. Our project managers are trained and certified professionals.

We implement an in-house safety program managed by certified and expert safety director. We require strict qualification requirements from our staff. Every year, our company invests millions of dollars on fleets and equipment.

Service You Will Love

We believe that our most important product is our service. No wonder we are considered a forerunner in the industry when it comes to customer satisfaction and employee loyalty.

We offer warranty to all our services and products. Our project managers have a great respect for and meet all our project timelines.

Fully Bonded and Licensed

Simple Temporary Fencing carries all the necessary federal and state licenses to operate in the industry. This only means that we have what it takes to meet your safety or fencing requirements. Our track record proves that we comply with all federal, state, and municipal fence codes.

Financially Sound

For over than two decades, Simple Temporary Fencing has been operating with financial stability. We have enough purchasing power for all your needs. In fact, we have received one of the highest ratings possible from some of the most respected award giving bodies in the industry.

Give us a call today via 888-625-9938 and request a free quote.

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